Should We be Blogging???


Blogs were originally used as an online diary where individuals could go on and share their thoughts, opinions and experiences on the web.  But, through out the years and as our technology grew and changed businesses and companies also starting coming online and blogging because they learned that blogging is more then just an online diary but a place where companies can set themselves apart from their competitors with  some major benefits too.

So, after taking this course for twelve weeks it all comes down to one very simple question. Is it important to blog to enhance your company or brand? In my personal opinion, YES!!!!!! Defiantly, a company should use all the tools available to them to enhance their company or brand.   Here are my three reasons why.

1.Low Cost– to create and maintain a blog for your company or brand is very cheap and even free if you do it yourself.  They’re very simple and easy to maintain. Having a blog attached to your website can allow people to find out more information about your company and brand because if they feel like they know you and your products they will be more willing to purchase something from you.

2. Direct Communication– This will allow your company or brand to be in direct communication with your customers so you can get their feedback on your products and or services.  This will help you know what your customers think your doing well in and what areas still might need some work.  Also when the customer see that you took their feedback and valued their opinion you just gained their trust and most likely they will be coming back and making more purchases from you because you made them feel like a valued customer and not one of the many.

3. Building your Brand– You’re able to talk about your company and products and how your product is potentially better then your competitors. You can do this by giving them facts and statistics on your products compared to those of your competitors.

There are so many benefits to a company having a blog that it just doesn’t make sense not to especially in todays society where everything is growing and changing within a blink of an eye.  Companies who chose not to have a blog are letting their competitors who do have a blog reap all the benefits.



Social Media Tracking Tools

For this weeks blogging assignment I have chosen to analyze a social network company.  For one thing I personally love Snapchat and it’s a very hot topic right now.  I’m going to analyze Snapchat and two of it’s competitors Instagram and Vine to see how it holds up.

Snapchat is a photo messaging application developed by Stanford University students.  Using the app, users can take photos, record videos, add text and drawings, and send them to a controlled list of recipients. These sent photographs and videos are known as “Snaps”. Users set a time limit for how long recipients can view their Snaps, after which they will be hidden from the recipient’s device and deleted from the Snapchat server.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with snapchat here is a short video to give you an idea what Snapchat is offering to current, new and potential clients or does it???

With our ever growing, and ever demanding society there are tons of social network apps that fundamentally do basically the same thing.  So what makes you or I chose one over the other?  I used Google’s social media analytics software Wildfire and compared Snapchat to two of its competitors Instagram and Vine.

Screen Shot 2013-11-17

I found the Wildfire tool to be extremely easy to use and navigate but at the same time most of the features are only made unavailable except to those clients who’ve paid for the premium version.  After I made an account at Wildfire I used the monitor dashboard, which basically allows you to compare your business with your competitors.  Fantastic Right???  Except for the face that it’s Facebook oriented providing you with information as shown in this graph comparing the different businesses Likes and the people talking about them where as for Tweeter and Google+ it would only track the followers.

Now here are 10 comments about Snapchat that I’ve graded the sentiment.

1. Marty Mellway 5 days ago                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               too bad most people lack a story to tell, their too busy updating there facebook status and texting, and soon snapchatting. People do less and become more boring by the minute. Thanks for developing more useless technology to help us “connect”. Maybe people can snapchat a story about themselves taking a selfie for Facebook. ( -1)

2. Col.Klink  3 days ago

Smart move, FB is a dead end. (+1)

3. SpacemanPhil 3 days ago

It’s just amazing how developing a clever little app can make you a billionaire in less than a year! (+1)

4.Ktownjetsfan 2 days ago

@Mint-Berry Crunch You do realize that this app is faulty though right? The idea is to send a pic and have it dissapear so it can not be passed around or whatever. But all you have to do when you recieve the text is take a screen shot of the pic and you now have it saved on your phone. (-1)

5.Ktownjetsfan 1 day ag0

This app is a fraud. This app gives young people a false sense of security. Just take a screenshot of a pic sent through snapchat and it is your forever. Do not be fooled.(-1)

6.TransomWillie 2 days ago

It’s just so hard to convince me that the material isn’t ultimately saved SOMEWHERE (-1)

7.GreenMarine 2 days ago

“The company has tapped into a deep desire among younger Internet users for ephemeral communication, for activity that doesn’t have to be entered in the global logbook in the cloud.”

Poor naïve young people… how long do you think Snapchat will be able to maintain the façade?(-1)

8.RuFiOPx 4 days ago

fuck face book, fuck MySpace, fuck Instagram, fuck twitter , fuck Snapchat , and fuck everybody else nobody cares how u live ur life so stop posting (-1)

9.ScorpioVampiress 1 week ago

Story of a real customer you could’ve had: So a friend asked on fb who uses snap chat. I though “hm, I wonder what snap chat is..” I googled it, and found your website, with this video, I watched it, and, like most of the other comments here have already said, the video is pointless and explains nothing. The worst part is that this video has now been up 30 days, and you’ve received a total of 30 (now 31) comments. (not counting replies) 7 (now 8) of which indicate they were either offended by the animal abuse in the vid or learned nothing from it. 5 from people who were confused about how to use the product, 5 from people explaining how to use the product or where to get more info, 4 that were in some other way negative, one that was neutral, and only 2 that were positive, along with 2 in another language. The vid tole me nothing, and the comments told me that the product was limited, confusing, and hard to use. You need a new marketing team. (-1)

10.apodis sidopa 1 month ago


Thanks for reading.


Some Dentist are Going that Extra Mile to Reach Perspective Patients using Social Media

(Taken from the press release: )

St. Charles Family Dentistry
Lynn Lipskis
(630) 377-3131

St. Charles Dentists Launch Mobile Website For Convenient Access To Dental Information

“Drs. Edmund Lipskis, Lynn Lipskis and Krysta Lilland are happy that perspective patients can easily access their mobile website for quick and helpful information.”

When new or existing patients go onto St. Charles Family Dentristy website, they will be able to access all sorts of information and navigate the website with ease.  Here’s a breakdown on everything you can find on the website:

  • Our Blog                                                                     dentist
  • Special Offers
  • Services
  • Contact Information
  • Oral Health Resources
  • Office Directions
  • Staff Bios

For all our patients’ dental needs, it’s as easy as typing into your mobile search engine.  So to schedule an appointment with St. Charles Family Dentistry, call (630)377-3131 or submit an appointment request via their comprehensive website.   St. Charles Family Dentistry looks forward to meeting new patients!

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How are you defining “Smart”?



After reading a handful of articles this week, I finally found one that peeked my interest.  Does Social Media Make us Smarter?, written by Monica Nickelburg talks about how social media has impacted our society and could the effects of having unlimited access to different social media platforms really be making us smarter.  This new study suggests that social media can actual improve verbal, research, and critical-think skills.  In the article is talks about students and how over the years there are still the same amount of grammar errors made today as were made in 1917.  Another point the article made was that they saw students who’ve been struggling in the past to put even a few sentences together were now able to compose a well researched and painstakingly long paper on their favorite video game.  They also talked about past research that had been conducted on social media and that it might render us mean, unhappy, and antisocial.

I have created a video and attached it expressing my opinion on this topic.

As I stated in my video, one of the reason I think social media isn’t making us smarter is because people have a tendency to be lazy nowadays and they want to save valuable  time by using short hand or slang.  Great, awesome but here’s the thing not everyone knows text message short hand, I know I don’t.  When ever someone messages me some short hand that isn’t lol or OMG I have to message back asking them What?? and if people have to ask you to repeat yourself and explain what it is your saying it’s doesn’t make them look dumb it makes you look dumb.  Also too, if you get in the habit of using short hand it will start to seep into other areas of your life that you may not want it too because it would be embarrassing if you created a work document that everyone was going to read and you accidently used slang or short hand that’s not business appropriate how smart are you going to feel then. So personally, Lunsford can call it a myth all she wants but I guarantee you before she posted her research she went over and over it again making sure there were no error in her work.

I challenge all to join my debate.  I would love to hear what’s your opinion regarding social media and is it really making us smarter??


Thinking Outside the Box – Top Ten ways Social Media has been used.

Social media is defined in the Oxford Dictionary as “a websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking.”  However, people are pushing the boundaries, going outside the norm and getting creative in how they use certain social media platforms.  Here’s my Top Ten creative and slightly unorthodox uses of social media platforms.

1. The Hashtag Killer

2. Twitter Heart Monitors


This device will not only measure your pulse but it will also tweet your friends and family who are about you. Click here to read the full article.

3. Twitter used for Saving Lives.

A group went out skiing in the Alps and two of them went missing.  By using Twitter and Google Maps the two missing skiers were found by search and rescue.  Click here to see the link.

4.  Social Media Diets


If you have an account with Twitter you can access and start your own food diary.  Their slogan is Tweet What You Eat to Lose Weight Through Social Media Pressure.  If you want to read more click here.

5. Twittering Surgeons

Surgeons at Henry Ford Hospital are using Twitter to teach teaches and share step-by-step with students.  If you want to read more and watch a video about these savvy surgeons click here.

6. Cops use Facebook, Twitter, YouTube to catch perps


We all remember the riot after the Stanley Cup and it was thanks to social media that some of these perpetrators who were involved in this heinous crime were brought to justice.  The best part is, is that some of these perpetrators have such low self esteem and want to belong that they themselves took this incriminating videos or photos of themselves and posting them.  Here is a link to an article from NBC News that’s talks more about it.

7. Facebook House Swap

Now people can use Facebook to Rent or Trade Vacation Homes.  If you want to read more about this click here.

8.  Using Twitter and Facebook as an Early Warning System

Watch this video here to learn more.

9. Presidential Campaigns

It’s not enough anymore to shake a few hands, kiss a baby and run a few ads on TV anymore.  Today if you want to win you need to turn to social media and start engaging with some of your younger voter demographic.  Here a link to an article on how Obama won using social media.

10. Fighting Wildfires


A company by the name of Gnip worked with VisionLink to track a wildfire in Boulder,  Colorado. They tracked tweets and posted photos in real-time to see what areas  were cut off and see where the evacuation routes were. Click here if you would like to read more.

Well thanks for reading my post, that was my Top Ten creatively uses of social media.  Do you know any other creative ways that social media has been used???

Can you take interactions on Social Media sites and turn it into something more….



After reading probably a dozen articles for this weeks assignment, I finally came across one that interest me and submitted it to Digg.  Submitting an article to Digg was fairly easy, but trying to find the article later so I could ” digg it” prove to be a challenge because I was unable to find it anywhere.  I can understand the benefits of using a sit like Digg but unless you know how to use it properly, I would not suggest it and advise to stick with other social media platforms that your more familiar with.

I found this article “Can Social Media Save NASA – And the Rest of the Science World?” on readwrite that was written by Selena Larson.  The article states that after celebrating it’s 55th anniversary on October 1st of this year, that NASA is being shutdown by the government.  They feel that NASA isn’t an essential service and therefore will not spend money to keep it operational.  Even though NASA was shutting down it’s doors and remains shut till today they were smart to use social media to reach out to other communities for help.

NASA has 5 million followers on Twitter and they posted this announcement when they knew they were getting shutdown.  “Sorry, but we won’t be tweeting/responding to replies during the government shutdown. Be back as soon as possible. ”  This was posted October 1, 2013 at 5:24am and since then this post has been Retweeted 3,172 and 386 favorites.  This was fantastic because not only is NASA using Social Media to it’s benefit but increasing awareness, branding and also loyalty.  It’s NASA’s way of showing Washington that science is essential and just maybe,  they can turn these interaction on social media platform into action offline.  Wouldn’t that have been something to bare witness too.


This weeks topic: Transparency and what it can do for you!!!

The power of transparency.

You may be asking yourself, “why is being transparent important to organizations in social media?” This is an excellent question — something that all companies need to take into consideration. First, we need to define “what is business transparency?” defines what is business transparency as:
” Business transparency is the openness, communication and accountability. It is the full, accurate and disclosure of information in good time. Transparency makes it more likely that business assets will be accurately valued.”

When we first started this week’s module we learned about social media etiquette, the meaning and importance of interactivity and engagement, and their different levels. We also learned about brand storytelling, the 90/9/1 rule and, my personal favorite, transparency! Transparency is an excellent way for companies to build and gain the trust of their customers. I also believe that if a company and/or brand is being transparent they are encouraging engagement with their customers in one way or another because it, too, is another key ingredient in building relationships with customers. When a company has successfully adopted transparency, engagement should naturally follow; earning the trust and loyalty of their customers. And what does a loyal customer who feels appreciated do??? Three words: word of mouth. They are going to go running off to their friends and families and spread the word about this amazing company and/or brand that is not only engaging with their customers but is honest and true to their word.


Mashable made a post by Sharlyn Lauby on 5 Ways to Make Your Business more Transparent that I thought was extremely insightful and an interesting read. There is one point that Sharlyn talked about that I’m going to discuss with you guys because it made me stop and think… “she’s totally right, that makes so much sense to me; how come I didn’t think of that!”

1) Don’t fake it – Talk about what you know

A great example of this is when lawyers are calling an expert witness to the stand. As we all know from watching TV series like “Law and Order”, “Boston Legal” and my personal favorite “Suits”, an expert witness will provide an opinion with respect to the facts of a case which will help the judge and jury reach a conclusion. So say for example your case is regarding a murder, you don’t want your expert witness’ back ground to be in agriculture if you need their testimony to be related to bone fractures because they likely aren’t going to be able to provide an accurate statement. You want an expert that can provide the judge and jury an expert opinion on the injuries that the victim sustained during the crime.

The same goes for any businesses using social media. If you want to enhance your company and/or brand you need to stick to what you know and be truthful and honest with your customers. You have to remember that your customers are listening to what you are saying so businesses need to take ownership of their messaging. Also, when business’ stick to what they know they’ll be able to engage with their customers with 100% certainty that the information they are providing is accurate.


We’ve talked about being transparent and how it’s important for business’ to be open and honest with their customers but it’s also true that they need to extend that same courtesy to their employees and share holders. Business’ don’t need to share every little aspect of the business but they do need to stop and think what would their customers want and need to know, would this information be of any value to them, and would it enhance your relationship with them. If the answer is yes, then those are the things that companies should be disclosing.

Thanks for joining me for this weeks topic.