Thinking Outside the Box – Top Ten ways Social Media has been used.

Social media is defined in the Oxford Dictionary as “a websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking.”  However, people are pushing the boundaries, going outside the norm and getting creative in how they use certain social media platforms.  Here’s my Top Ten creative and slightly unorthodox uses of social media platforms.

1. The Hashtag Killer

2. Twitter Heart Monitors


This device will not only measure your pulse but it will also tweet your friends and family who are about you. Click here to read the full article.

3. Twitter used for Saving Lives.

A group went out skiing in the Alps and two of them went missing.  By using Twitter and Google Maps the two missing skiers were found by search and rescue.  Click here to see the link.

4.  Social Media Diets


If you have an account with Twitter you can access and start your own food diary.  Their slogan is Tweet What You Eat to Lose Weight Through Social Media Pressure.  If you want to read more click here.

5. Twittering Surgeons

Surgeons at Henry Ford Hospital are using Twitter to teach teaches and share step-by-step with students.  If you want to read more and watch a video about these savvy surgeons click here.

6. Cops use Facebook, Twitter, YouTube to catch perps


We all remember the riot after the Stanley Cup and it was thanks to social media that some of these perpetrators who were involved in this heinous crime were brought to justice.  The best part is, is that some of these perpetrators have such low self esteem and want to belong that they themselves took this incriminating videos or photos of themselves and posting them.  Here is a link to an article from NBC News that’s talks more about it.

7. Facebook House Swap

Now people can use Facebook to Rent or Trade Vacation Homes.  If you want to read more about this click here.

8.  Using Twitter and Facebook as an Early Warning System

Watch this video here to learn more.

9. Presidential Campaigns

It’s not enough anymore to shake a few hands, kiss a baby and run a few ads on TV anymore.  Today if you want to win you need to turn to social media and start engaging with some of your younger voter demographic.  Here a link to an article on how Obama won using social media.

10. Fighting Wildfires


A company by the name of Gnip worked with VisionLink to track a wildfire in Boulder,  Colorado. They tracked tweets and posted photos in real-time to see what areas  were cut off and see where the evacuation routes were. Click here if you would like to read more.

Well thanks for reading my post, that was my Top Ten creatively uses of social media.  Do you know any other creative ways that social media has been used???


8 thoughts on “Thinking Outside the Box – Top Ten ways Social Media has been used.

  1. It’s amazing the things that are created because of social medias! I juste love the twitter heart monitor it’s so unusual. I also did not about the lost skiers, good thing that had their cell phones. Great post!

    • Thanks for reading my post Sophie. I know I thought it was incredibly lucky that one of the skiers had his phone and was able to use it to help the rescue party locate them. I thought it was very interesting all these ways social media is being used that not once crossed my mind that I could use Facebook to swap houses with someone.



  2. These are some really inventive uses of social media – thanks for the share!

    In regards to the Water is Life “Hashtag Killer” campaign, I thought it was a genius approach to something that really used to irk me. I always saw the #FirstWorldProblems hashtag and shuddered in disgust because of how shallow and ignorant it made our first world nations seem. Then one day I stopped noticing it as much and I never really thought about it until now. I remember seeing the video you posted a while back and thinking how clever it was but I never realized it was a sponsored campaign. My question is whether they did it primarily to promote themselves or primarily to reverse the trend. I would like to think it was the latter, but the fact that it was created by a company and not an individual leads me to believe that might not be the case. Was it just the result of a brainstorm session on how to make a viral video using a current trend? That would certainly be a factor in my overall impression of the brand.

    • I couldn’t agree more with you about the Hashtag Killer campaign. I was having problems thinking of something to come up with for my top ten list and I came across that video. I found it inspirational that there are people in Hcomplaining who can’t even get fresh water and here we are complaining that we left our phone charger down stairs or our leather seats aren’t heated. because of that video it got me to thinking that there must be some other creative uses for social media that people have come up with. I’m glad you enjoyed it and I appreciate your comment Sabrina.



  3. Very interesting post! It’s amazing how much social media has grown and developed over the past few years. It’s moved away from only being a “social” platform to connect with others to all of these other uses.

    • I’m glad that you enjoyed my post. I also found it amazing how far social media has come over the past few years. I never would have guess that it coudl be used to help keep freinds and family memebers informed about a loved one who has a heart monitor, its just mind blowing. I can’t wait to see what people will come up with next.

  4. Interesting post Kelly. To add to your #9. Presidential Campaign, one of the factors that led the NDP party become the official opposition for the first time in Canadian history was their presence on social media. A huge contingent of their campaign relied on getting the younger vote and social media helped accomplish this.

    • Thanks Erin, I glad you liked my post. That’s awesome, I didn’t know that about the Presidential Campaign but it makes sense if you want to reach the younger voters you need to be going onto social media and appealing to them on their home turf so to speak.

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