How are you defining “Smart”?



After reading a handful of articles this week, I finally found one that peeked my interest.  Does Social Media Make us Smarter?, written by Monica Nickelburg talks about how social media has impacted our society and could the effects of having unlimited access to different social media platforms really be making us smarter.  This new study suggests that social media can actual improve verbal, research, and critical-think skills.  In the article is talks about students and how over the years there are still the same amount of grammar errors made today as were made in 1917.  Another point the article made was that they saw students who’ve been struggling in the past to put even a few sentences together were now able to compose a well researched and painstakingly long paper on their favorite video game.  They also talked about past research that had been conducted on social media and that it might render us mean, unhappy, and antisocial.

I have created a video and attached it expressing my opinion on this topic.

As I stated in my video, one of the reason I think social media isn’t making us smarter is because people have a tendency to be lazy nowadays and they want to save valuable  time by using short hand or slang.  Great, awesome but here’s the thing not everyone knows text message short hand, I know I don’t.  When ever someone messages me some short hand that isn’t lol or OMG I have to message back asking them What?? and if people have to ask you to repeat yourself and explain what it is your saying it’s doesn’t make them look dumb it makes you look dumb.  Also too, if you get in the habit of using short hand it will start to seep into other areas of your life that you may not want it too because it would be embarrassing if you created a work document that everyone was going to read and you accidently used slang or short hand that’s not business appropriate how smart are you going to feel then. So personally, Lunsford can call it a myth all she wants but I guarantee you before she posted her research she went over and over it again making sure there were no error in her work.

I challenge all to join my debate.  I would love to hear what’s your opinion regarding social media and is it really making us smarter??



2 thoughts on “How are you defining “Smart”?

  1. I agree with you that social media made the slangs even more popular than ever. In french it is crazy the number of shortcuts people use while writing a status. Im always amazed how sometimes I don’t even understand a word they are saying! I do think that people are lazy. Language is important and giving yourself the time to correct your status or comment is valuable and helpful for everyone. I believe that practice is the key and by correcting errors while writing on social media platforms can help you to write better! Great blog and great video!

    • Yes, the art of “true” conversation and self expression is dying and it terrifies me. I find it difficult already to read and understands someone text message when they use short hand or slang but if it was in another language I would be screwed. I agree with you Sophie, people need to take pride in what they are saying and writing so take your time.

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