Should We be Blogging???


Blogs were originally used as an online diary where individuals could go on and share their thoughts, opinions and experiences on the web.  But, through out the years and as our technology grew and changed businesses and companies also starting coming online and blogging because they learned that blogging is more then just an online diary but a place where companies can set themselves apart from their competitors with  some major benefits too.

So, after taking this course for twelve weeks it all comes down to one very simple question. Is it important to blog to enhance your company or brand? In my personal opinion, YES!!!!!! Defiantly, a company should use all the tools available to them to enhance their company or brand.   Here are my three reasons why.

1.Low Cost– to create and maintain a blog for your company or brand is very cheap and even free if you do it yourself.  They’re very simple and easy to maintain. Having a blog attached to your website can allow people to find out more information about your company and brand because if they feel like they know you and your products they will be more willing to purchase something from you.

2. Direct Communication– This will allow your company or brand to be in direct communication with your customers so you can get their feedback on your products and or services.  This will help you know what your customers think your doing well in and what areas still might need some work.  Also when the customer see that you took their feedback and valued their opinion you just gained their trust and most likely they will be coming back and making more purchases from you because you made them feel like a valued customer and not one of the many.

3. Building your Brand– You’re able to talk about your company and products and how your product is potentially better then your competitors. You can do this by giving them facts and statistics on your products compared to those of your competitors.

There are so many benefits to a company having a blog that it just doesn’t make sense not to especially in todays society where everything is growing and changing within a blink of an eye.  Companies who chose not to have a blog are letting their competitors who do have a blog reap all the benefits.



Social Media Tracking Tools

For this weeks blogging assignment I have chosen to analyze a social network company.  For one thing I personally love Snapchat and it’s a very hot topic right now.  I’m going to analyze Snapchat and two of it’s competitors Instagram and Vine to see how it holds up.

Snapchat is a photo messaging application developed by Stanford University students.  Using the app, users can take photos, record videos, add text and drawings, and send them to a controlled list of recipients. These sent photographs and videos are known as “Snaps”. Users set a time limit for how long recipients can view their Snaps, after which they will be hidden from the recipient’s device and deleted from the Snapchat server.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with snapchat here is a short video to give you an idea what Snapchat is offering to current, new and potential clients or does it???

With our ever growing, and ever demanding society there are tons of social network apps that fundamentally do basically the same thing.  So what makes you or I chose one over the other?  I used Google’s social media analytics software Wildfire and compared Snapchat to two of its competitors Instagram and Vine.

Screen Shot 2013-11-17

I found the Wildfire tool to be extremely easy to use and navigate but at the same time most of the features are only made unavailable except to those clients who’ve paid for the premium version.  After I made an account at Wildfire I used the monitor dashboard, which basically allows you to compare your business with your competitors.  Fantastic Right???  Except for the face that it’s Facebook oriented providing you with information as shown in this graph comparing the different businesses Likes and the people talking about them where as for Tweeter and Google+ it would only track the followers.

Now here are 10 comments about Snapchat that I’ve graded the sentiment.

1. Marty Mellway 5 days ago                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               too bad most people lack a story to tell, their too busy updating there facebook status and texting, and soon snapchatting. People do less and become more boring by the minute. Thanks for developing more useless technology to help us “connect”. Maybe people can snapchat a story about themselves taking a selfie for Facebook. ( -1)

2. Col.Klink  3 days ago

Smart move, FB is a dead end. (+1)

3. SpacemanPhil 3 days ago

It’s just amazing how developing a clever little app can make you a billionaire in less than a year! (+1)

4.Ktownjetsfan 2 days ago

@Mint-Berry Crunch You do realize that this app is faulty though right? The idea is to send a pic and have it dissapear so it can not be passed around or whatever. But all you have to do when you recieve the text is take a screen shot of the pic and you now have it saved on your phone. (-1)

5.Ktownjetsfan 1 day ag0

This app is a fraud. This app gives young people a false sense of security. Just take a screenshot of a pic sent through snapchat and it is your forever. Do not be fooled.(-1)

6.TransomWillie 2 days ago

It’s just so hard to convince me that the material isn’t ultimately saved SOMEWHERE (-1)

7.GreenMarine 2 days ago

“The company has tapped into a deep desire among younger Internet users for ephemeral communication, for activity that doesn’t have to be entered in the global logbook in the cloud.”

Poor naïve young people… how long do you think Snapchat will be able to maintain the façade?(-1)

8.RuFiOPx 4 days ago

fuck face book, fuck MySpace, fuck Instagram, fuck twitter , fuck Snapchat , and fuck everybody else nobody cares how u live ur life so stop posting (-1)

9.ScorpioVampiress 1 week ago

Story of a real customer you could’ve had: So a friend asked on fb who uses snap chat. I though “hm, I wonder what snap chat is..” I googled it, and found your website, with this video, I watched it, and, like most of the other comments here have already said, the video is pointless and explains nothing. The worst part is that this video has now been up 30 days, and you’ve received a total of 30 (now 31) comments. (not counting replies) 7 (now 8) of which indicate they were either offended by the animal abuse in the vid or learned nothing from it. 5 from people who were confused about how to use the product, 5 from people explaining how to use the product or where to get more info, 4 that were in some other way negative, one that was neutral, and only 2 that were positive, along with 2 in another language. The vid tole me nothing, and the comments told me that the product was limited, confusing, and hard to use. You need a new marketing team. (-1)

10.apodis sidopa 1 month ago


Thanks for reading.


Some Dentist are Going that Extra Mile to Reach Perspective Patients using Social Media

(Taken from the press release: )

St. Charles Family Dentistry
Lynn Lipskis
(630) 377-3131

St. Charles Dentists Launch Mobile Website For Convenient Access To Dental Information

“Drs. Edmund Lipskis, Lynn Lipskis and Krysta Lilland are happy that perspective patients can easily access their mobile website for quick and helpful information.”

When new or existing patients go onto St. Charles Family Dentristy website, they will be able to access all sorts of information and navigate the website with ease.  Here’s a breakdown on everything you can find on the website:

  • Our Blog                                                                     dentist
  • Special Offers
  • Services
  • Contact Information
  • Oral Health Resources
  • Office Directions
  • Staff Bios

For all our patients’ dental needs, it’s as easy as typing into your mobile search engine.  So to schedule an appointment with St. Charles Family Dentistry, call (630)377-3131 or submit an appointment request via their comprehensive website.   St. Charles Family Dentistry looks forward to meeting new patients!

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