Looking Back…

People may not realize it but social media has been around for over 30 years.  That’s right, the social media sites that people are currently using today like Facebook and Twitter just to name a few weren’t really the first platform where people could use digital media for networking, socializing and gathering information.  We were asked to read an article written by Brett Borders titles A Brief History of Social Media.  I found it incredibly interesting, personally I love history I think its fascinating to see our progressing and how far social media has come.


Here are some other fun facts about the origins of Social Media that you may not have know…

1. The internet had existed since the late 1960’s as a network, but didn’t become the World Wide Web and publicly available until August 6, 1991.

2. People have been addicted to “tweeting” their real-time status updates ( using #’s and @ signs) for over 20 years.  The IRC was created in August 1988 and was use to break news on the Soviet Coup attempt during the media blackout and keep tabs on the first Gulf War.

Do you know any fun fact about the origins of Social Media??




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